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At University Proofreading, our core belief is that the best investment you can make is in yourself. In addition to our academic proofreading and editing services, we also offer more hands-on support through our Tutoring & Mentorship programs.


Our Tutoring & Mentorship programs are designed for both native speakers and learners of English as a Second Language. It doesn't matter what level you are on. We work with a wide range of individuals, from post-doctoral students to learners of English as a Second language, providing students and professionals of all levels with the knowledge and skill set needed to be effective communicators.


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You will work closely with a dedicated mentor and educator who has an extensive writing and teaching background. Our editors will also provide you with a number of personalized resources, multiple exercises, a few assignments and 1-on-1 support to help you improve your written and communication skills in the English language.


Our aim is to help you maximize your ROE: Return on Education. In this pursuit, we will provide you with the knowledge and skill set to help you become an effective communicator in the English language.



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