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Our cornerstone philosophy at University Proofreading is that our business will only prosper if we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We've assembled a diverse and multi-talented team of writers, editors and proofreaders from the top universities in the world in order to deliver the highest-quality work available. Our service has become truly global, with clients spanning four continents. See what they have to say about us!


"Words to describe my experience with University Proofreading: courteous, timely, proficient. They were able to help me organize and condense a number of pages of application responses to an Ivy League school into a completed packet I could be proud to send."


"I just wanted to say thank you. You and your organization have been so helpful assisting me with editing my papers. I should have known that your company existed when I was looking for someone to help me 5 years ago. If I was asked to rate you and your company, I woud give you 100% rating."



Alaska, United States


New Hampshire, United States

"Thank you guys so much for your great help! You've been absolutely great! I could not have done this project without you, I'd be freaking out and losing my mind! So once again thank you very much! I will refer your company to anyone who'll need help and will surely be in touch if I need help! :)"


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United Kingdom

"I am very satisfied with the proofreading of my document. It was really up to my expectations, and in a timely deadline. It was also very reassuring that it remained within editing and proofreading boundaries, and has not altered my original work. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend your website."


Philippe, Switzerland

"This is a great service for foreign language students!"


Alfonso, Mexico

"I have reviewed the final changes and they are perfect. Thank you so much for your help. Everything was delivered on time and I am highly satisfied with the quality of the editors' work as well as the assistance of the project leader during the process. Thank you so much."


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United States 

"You exceeded my expectations, and I was very pleased with the job, especially because of the useful advice that will be helpful for the future. I would come back as a customer any day. It is hard to find a reliable and honest proofreading service like the one University Proofreading offers!”



United Kingdom

"I’m glad to recommend my editors at University Proofreading for fantastic writing skills. We worked together many times during my MSc degree and I know them well. The editors built a clear structure for my team's projects and helped combine our individual works into an organized, well-written report. The project leader was willing to help everyone improve their writing. He once helped me in proofreading an essay that I didn’t have time to submit to the editors. He restructured it to make it clearer and gave me advice on how to express things in a more professional way. I’ve learned a lot from his help. I would be glad to tell you more if you need any further information."



Xi'an, China

"I was very satisfied with the quality of work and your assistance.  I really appreciated the speed of the turnaround and would use your service again in the future. Thank you!" 



Queensland, Australia

"The work I get back is great and the editors can make complex ideas look easy to express. I worked with University Proofreading many times during my Master's degree and believe they have immaculate skills in written communication."



Delhi, India

"The project leader on my document was a great person to work with. He would listen to what our team was trying to express and help us formulate it properly in writing. Overall, working with him has strongly helped me in improving my writing skills in English. I would highly recommend University Proofreading as a skilled and reliable service."


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Anna, Luxembourg

"The editors and project leaders at University Proofreading were invaluable during my studies at Business School. Particularly during our projects, University Proofreading was an important component to our team. They were able to help us express ideas clearly and eloquently, while helping not only to improve the language, but also the structure of our written report. They are very talented and creative editors."



Livorno, Italy

Ready to order? Don't let us hold you up!

"I am very grateful for your help. This has been very exciting to see the essay come to life with what you have been able to do."



United States

"Thank you so much for the quick correction of my paper and the comments regardings typical errors! Best regards."


Bettina, Germany

"I worked with University Proofreading in structuring and reformulating a 3000 word assignment during my Master's degree. Their contribution was essential for our final mark, which was an A. Thanks to my editors' clean writing styles, we were able to merge in one uniform report the different chapters drafted by our group mates. The people at University Proofreading are very good at organising and structuring a text, and they demonstrated this skill by restructuring the report in order to respect our word count."



Dhaka, Bangladesh

"This is a great service. Thank you so much."


Kate, Australia

"I needed to get a new job fast, but my resume wasn't up to par to send out to potential employers. With the help of University Proofreading my resume was revamped and now it is polished and professional. I got two interviews in only a couple weeks!"



United States

"The project leader for my document was very approachable and responsive to all my questions. He and the editors organised my group's paper in a very logical way."

Korinna, Greece

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