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Terms & Conditions

​Submitting a document to University Proofreading confirms that you, the client, have accepted the following terms and conditions:

University Proofreading assumes no responsibility for storing or otherwise maintaining documents submitted by clients. It is the responsibility of the client to retain all unedited and edited documents and correspondence with University Proofreading.

All document transmission will be performed electronically. It is the responsibility of you, the client, to ensure accessibility of email correspondence from University Proofreading. 

Plagiarism and academic collusion are serious offenses often resulting in penalty, expulsion and other losses. University Proofreading assumes no liability for the losses—academic, professional or otherwise—of its clients. It is recommended that you, the client, ensure that using the services of University Proofreading is allowed by your academic or professional institution.

University Proofreading reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. Refusal of service will constitute a refund within 28 days of payment.

Refunds are considered on an individual basis. Supporting documentation must be presented in order to demonstrate adequate grounds for a refund. If University Proofreading does not meet the standards of service as defined by the firm, a refund will be issued to the client within 28 days.

While every effort is taken to ensure the punctual delivery of documentation, University Proofreading assumes no liability for delays. Substantial delays may result in a refund to the client.

The services of University Proofreading are intended for the sole benefit of its clients. Our mission is to help you, the client, improve your communication and written skills. Unless otherwise stated by the governing rules and accepted procedures of the academic or professional institution to which you belong, no documentation should be represented as the sole work of the author(s) submitting the document. University Proofreading assumes that you, the client, will be transparent about your use of University Proofreading with the institution, individual or entity to whom you submit your final document. 

All transactions are carried out in US dollars. Exchange rates for other currencies listed on our website or quotes via email, Skype or phone exchange are subject to fluctuations and change on a daily basis. Prices listed in any currency other than US dollars are meant only as a guide and are not always accurate. 



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