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If you browse our website, you’ll see the following two sentences:


Our cornerstone philosophy at University Proofreading is that our business will only prosper if we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We've assembled a diverse and multi-talented team of writers, editors and proofreaders from the top universities in the world in order to deliver the highest-quality editing and proofreading services available."


This guiding philosophy is at the heart of the University Proofreading recruitment process. We are on a mission to equip all of our clients with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate their great ideas in a way that will capture the attention of their audience. Fulfilling this mission requires us to recruit the best academic editors, proofreaders and project leaders on the planet.


Our editing team consists of PhD, MSc and MA postgraduates and professors from the world's top universities. We recruit editors each academic year from Ivy League and Russell Group universities. Among the universities with which our academic proofreaders and editors are affiliated are: University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Cambridge and Imperial College London.


Every time you submit a document with us, we will send you information about your editors' credentials. If you return (which we hope you do!), we'll be sure to pair you up with editors who are familiar with your work and preferences.



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