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Our Editing Model

About Us

Our academic editing and academic proofreading services are designed to achieve best in class results and are tailored to help you improve your educational and professional performance. During our extensive experience, we have sought to perfect the science of editing so that our team can practice the art of editing. After years of iteration we have developed what we call the 360° Editing System.


Each document you submit is first assessed by one of our Project Leaders. He or she then assembles two editors with experience in your field to collaborate on your document.


The editing team begins by reading your essay thoroughly in order to garner a high-level understanding of both the content and structure of your document.



We then create an "Editorial Roadmap", whereby we plot out the requisite changes that need to be made. These changes usually include grammar, style, diction, structure, format and referencing.  Our team then implements the required changes, keeping a detailed audit of every modification that we make for you to review.

After the editing process is complete, your document gets passed on to a Senior Proofreader who reviews the work of the editing team. The proofreader ensures that your completed document meets our standards of excellence and that no lingering mistakes remain. 


Your completed document is returned to the Project Leader who undertakes a final read-through in order to ensure that the completed product matches any and all special requests and preferences that you noted. 


Finally, we return your document to you for review and implement any feedback that you have.

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