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Our Mission.

At University Proofreading, our mission is to provide you with the knowledge, support and skill set necessary to craft a great dissertation that meets the highest standards of academic excellence.


We exist to help you present your dissertation or thesis in the most clear and engaging manner and to maximize the impact of your work. As academics ourselves, we understand the crucual importance of your dissertation in your acadmic career. We will be here every step of the way, offering hands-on support 7 days per week.



"I have reviewed the final changes and they are perfect. Thank you so much for your help. Everything was delivered on time and I am highly satisfied with the quality of the editors' work as well as the assistance of the project leader during the process. Thank you so much."


Christine | PhD Dissertation

California, USA


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The 360 Advantage.


"You exceeded my expectations, and I was very pleased with the job, especially because of the useful advice that will be helpful for the future. I would come back as a customer any day. It is hard to find a reliable and honest proofreading service like the one University Proofreading offers!”


Dorothy | PhD Thesis

London, UK


We don't just proofread—we edit. Every paper you submit is edited and proofread by two academic editors and a senior proofreader. We will also match you with a Dissertation Advisor and Project Leader to ensure your dissertation or thesis is completed on time and meets your desired specifications.


Along with your final document, you will also receive a detailed audit of the changes our editors have made, and a personalized commentary with advice for future writing. We call this the 360° Advantage. 

Our Promise.

At University Proofreading, we make three promises to every client with whom we collaborate. We promise to provide:


1) The highest-quality dissertation proofreading and editing services on the planet.


2) The friendliest and most informative customer service of any business—and we do mean any—with whom you interact.


3) Continued support and advice even if you are no longer a client.


Our company is founded on delivering these three promises to you consistently and in perpetuity. We consider every client a member of the University Proofreading family, and we will be here to support you throughout your academic career.


"I am very satisfied with the proofreading of my document. It was really up to my expectations, and in a timely deadline. It was also very reassuring that it remained within editing and proofreading boundaries, and has not altered my original work. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend your website."


Philippe | Capstone Essay

California, USA


Dissertation & Thesis Services

Our Dissertation & Thesis proofreading and editing services are unparalleled. At University Proofreading, our cornerstone philosophy is that our business will only prosper if we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We've assembled a diverse and multi-talented team of writers, editors and proofreaders from the top universities in the world in order to deliver the highest-quality work available. Our Dissertation & Thesis services have become truly global, with clients spanning four continents. 

1) Dissertation Proofreading

2) Dissertation Standard Editing 

3) Dissertation Deluxe Editing 

For more experienced writers, our dissertation editing and proofreading team will review your document for grammatical correctness, parallelism, typos, improper diction, referencing and citation inconsistencies, and basic format. Refinements and modifications will be implemented to provide your dissertation with a final gloss before submission. This service is often the difference between a good paper and a distinction.

With our Standard Editing service, our dissertation editing and proofreading team will focus on fine-tuning vocabulary and diction, strengthening style, tone and fluidity, and providing comprehensive organizational support. In addition to Dissertation Proofreading, our team will also provide thorough commentary on your work, alerting you to aspects of your dissertation that require further elaboration and refinement.

With our Deluxe Editing service, we will match you with a subject matter expert with experience in your field to ensure that both content and copy editing meet the highest standards of academic scholarship. In addition to Standard Editing, our team will also enhance the logic and argumentation of your dissertation, provide you with topic development assistance and a detailed presubmission evaluation. Moreover, a dedicated Dissertation Advisor will be available 7 days per to field any questions you have.

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