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We hope we can clarify any questions you may have. If you happen to have a question that is not listed in our FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always available to help.



How long does it take you to complete a document?

We aim for a quick turnaround time, without sacrificing quality. We offer 2, 4, 6 and 10 day turnaround times for all of our services. If your document is substantially longer than 10 thousand words, it may require additional time in order to ensure that we meet our standards of excellence. Turnaround time for substantially longer documents will be decided with the client. We also offer 24 hour turnaround if needed for an additional surcharge.


Do you proofread MSc, MA and PhD dissertations?

Yes, our team specializes in academic dissertation editing. We have extensive experience with editing and proofreading postgraduate documents and will also assist you in formatting and structuring your dissertation.


Frequently Asked Questions (with answers!)


English is my second language. Will you be able to edit and proofread my paper?

Yes! In fact, many of our clients are non-native English speakers studying English as a Second Language (ESL). Part of our mission at University Proofreading is to help ESL writers acquire a strong command of the English language so that they can communicate their ideas in a clear and compelling manner. Our editors provide comprehensive feedback for ESL writers in order to achieve this goal.




I used another proofreading service and got my paper back with errors. Would you fix my paper if there were still errors after you returned it to me?


If we return a corrected document that contains errors, we will absolutely remedy the situation free of charge. This instance, however, is highly unlikely. Any paper that you submit to us is reviewed by three members of our team to ensure that it is error-free.

Academic Dissertation Editing, Dissertation Proofreading Services


Who will be editing and proofreading my document?

Your document will be edited by two of our copy editors and proofread by one of our senior proofreaders. Each member of our team has an extensive writing background. We will do our best to match your document with an editor who has experience in your field of expertise. We find that this enables us to do a better job on our side. Professional documents and peer-reviewed articles will be handled only by company Principals.

Can I email you if I have a quick question about writing or the English language?

We're always happy to hear from you! We consider all of our clients part of the University Proofreading family. You're always welcome to email us about any questions you may have, even if you do not have a document with us. 


Do I have to submit my entire essay in one piece, or can I split it up into shorter pieces?

Our academic editors and proofreaders can edit your document in pieces or as a completed whole. We keep your work on file so that we can refer to earlier parts if you do choose to submit your document chapter by chapter. 


How safe is my transaction? 

Your security and peace of mind are paramount to us. As a verified PayPal merchant, the security of all transactions with University Proofreading is guaranteed by PayPal Buyer Protection, which you can read more about at PayPal's website. Buyer Protection ensures that you will receive the services for which you paid and provides you with a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that a dispute does arise.



Do you have a mission statement?

Our mission is to provide all of our clients with the knowledge and skill set necessary to facilitate the communication of great ideas.



My question is not here! What do I do?

Email us! You are also welcome to set up a Skype call with one of our Project Leaders.

We love hearing from our friends on the web! We have someone standing by to answer your questions seven days a week.



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